Project Planning, Scheduling and Monitoring


Project Planning, Scheduling and Monitoring requires an organized and systematic analysis of all project’s quantifiable aspects: Scope, Time, Resources, Cost, Procurement, Risk – and their close monitoring during the project’s execution.

CPM Consulting® ensure the provision of professional services in project planning and scheduling, resources and cost analysis, and also risk quantification in bid/tender stage, providing our clients the tools for taking the best decisions. During the execution phase, our specialists closely monitor the schedule based on the collected data providing the real progress of their projects and solutions according with the contractual constraints.


Project Schedule Preparation

Planning and scheduling is the foundation of any project. In the construction area, it has a tremendous importance because of large complexity and diversity. Failure in planning and scheduling leads in failure the project.

Cost Management

CPM Consulting® experts provide consulting services in all stages of the investment process, from cost estimation, budgeting and cost control until the project completion.

Resource Management

A project plan is as good as long as the assumptions that were the basis of its preparation are confirmed. One of the main hypothesis is the resource availability. Any organization has limited available resources. The effect of this limitation leads usually into delays and cost overruns.

Project Risk Quantification

CPM Consulting® experts identify, analyze, prioritize and quantify the risks in construction projects both in the view of investors and contractors, using the most advance techniques and tools like Three Scenario Method or Monte Carlo Method.