Claim Management


In most of the construction contracts misunderstanding arise between the Employer and the Contractor with effects on time and cost. When the claims of one or another party are not solved, they transform into disputes which affects both the project execution and the relationship between parties.

With a large experience in contract management, CPM Consulting® experts provide professional consulting services including::

– Contractual clauses interpretation;

– Claims preparation a analyze coordination;

– Contractual risk analysis;

– Claim Management;

– Preparation and development of letters issued to Engineer and Employer, based on the contractor documents.

The reports developed by our experts are the result of many days and weeks of analysis in complex claims. They are clear, concise and to the point, so the conclusions and the included graphs to be understand easily by the Dispute Boards or the Arbitral Court.

Our specialist are experts in forensic scheduling and perfectly mastered the latest methods and techniques used in this area.